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Our Leadership Team

Alan Day

Alan Day, President of TotaLand & VP/CIO of Fenstermaker
Alan Day, president of TotaLand and VP/CIO of Fenstermaker, has been involved with the Oil & Gas markets since the 80’s and has been responsible for TotaLand for the past few years. With Alan’s background in Engineering, he focused on programming software specifically for solving business problems with software. About 30 years ago, Alan started his first software company called Summit Software to create technical GIS products for engineering which launched his career in commercial software development. Over time Alan led teams as large as 100 programmers designing and building leading-edge products that solve business problems. Alan holds 3 patents in innovative visualization methodologies of business financial data (Blink Charts™) and has developed the following product lines:

  • MapAnalyst™ – GIS/Mapping solutions that includes PropertyAnalyst™, DevelopmentAnalyst™, LegalAnalyst™
  • Intarsia™ – CRM for the Financial Markets.
  • SpatialVision™, InfoEARTH™, infoRoad™, InfoSurvey™ – GIS/Engineering Earthwork, Roadway Design and Survey product lines.
  • BIPro™ - Law Firm Management Dashboard distributed by Thompson Reuters
  • MediMac™, DentalMac™, ChiroMac™ – leading medical practice management solution for Apple.
  • PowerForms™, FilePad™, Hippocates™ – Handheld/PDA solutions distributed by Apple.

Melissa Jackson

Melissa Jackson, Senior Technical Account Manager
As Senior Technical Account Manager at TotaLand, Melissa Jackson plays an important role in pre-sales support, after sales support, on-going support, and product development. Her creative ideas and enthusiasm bring to TotaLand innovative ideas and strategies. Skilled in data analysis and entry, Melissa also helps clients with not only this time-saving software, but with data services as well. Although Melissa focuses on the technical aspects of the TotaLand software, her main attention is working to build personal relationships with each client. She likes to speak regularly with clients, building working relationships, and providing user-friendly insight into the depths of TotaLand bringing even more value to their business.

About five years ago, while Melissa was working as a landman, she was introduced to TotaLand. She quickly became impressed with the benefits of TotaLand’s software which pulls in the data without redundant entry, saving time and money with ease. Melissa, an active member of the AAPL, joined the TotaLand team to help other landmen and brokers benefit from the high performance of TotaLand’s software.

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson, Director of Information Technology
Chris Jackson is one of the “brains” behind TotaLand. Having worked closely with clients on numerous projects over the years, he has gathered a vast understanding of how the business works, even though he is not a landman himself. With the understanding of how the land business works, he was one of the primary architects that helped convert TotaLand from a tract-based system to a superior realm-based system back in 2008. His primary role with TotaLand is that of data security, website architecture, and database design.

Chris has a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is actively involved in keeping up-to-date with the newest technologies.

Brennan Cummings

Brennan Cummings, GIS Specialist
Brennan Cummings, GIS Specialist, customizes maps to fit the individual need of each client. Brennan adds map layers, researches sources of data, adding tracts, and maintains projects after the initial basemap is created. Taking great care of each client, Brennan guides clients on mapping details within TotaLand and how their data connects to the system. “I like tackling challenging projects to give clients exactly what they want,” said Brennan. Brennan spends many hours on the phone getting to know each client, understanding their needs, and listening to their unique and individual requests. “Mapping is subjective and it’s a challenge to find the right patterns and colors that will make the map appealing,” said Brennan. “I love that each map I create has my artistic reflection within it.”

Joan Coffey

Joan Coffey, Customer Relationship Management Specialist
Joan Coffey, Customer Relationship Management Specialist, makes every client feel like a VIP by assisting and directing clients in current and future features and services needed. Focusing on understanding the needs of each customer, Joan connects with companies and individuals before, during, and after the purchase of TotaLand’s software. “Our goal is to exceed the expectation of each customer,” said Joan. “I try to answer the customer’s questions, and I work with a talented team that is highly technical to assist with our clients’ needs.” Focusing on understanding the needs of each customer, Joan connects with companies and individuals before, during, and after the purchase of TotaLand’s software. “Our goal is to exceed the expectation of each customer,” said Joan. “I try to answer the customer’s questions, and I work with a talented team that is highly technical to assist with our clients’ needs.”

Austin Ward

Austin Ward, Customer Programmer Specialist
Austin Ward, TotaLand's Computer Programmer Specialist since 2009, is one of TotaLand leading programmers, adding features and functions to TotaLand’s number one software for landmen. Graduating from ULL with a Computer Science Degree, Austin has a passion to stay on the leading-edge of technology by continuously learning. Austin recently graduated from LSU with a Master of Library and Information Science with a focus on knowledge management and human-information interaction. Austin will be working on getting his PhD.

Austin developed TotaLand’s unique and popular Abstract Assembler, a service originally designed to combine PDFs of different sized and orientations into a standardized abstract document. The Abstract Assembler grew organically from there, where new libraries were utilized to extend the capabilities of the AA to include other file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and various images types. After a couple of years of feature additions and developments, many of which were spurred by user feedback, the Abstract Assembler was rewritten from the ground up to be a more efficient service. Abstract compiling times were cut down in half or greater. Austin is always adding new features to benefit landmen. Austin said, “There are still more features to be added to the Abstract Assembler, and it always possible to leverage newly acquired knowledge to enhance our current services.”

Michele Day

Michele Day, Marketing Specialist
Marketing Specialist, Michele Day, works to emphasize the strengths of her TotaLand team, clients, products, and services. “My goal in marketing is to magnify the intelligence and power of our software, team, and clients,” said Michele, who has been part of the TotaLand team for over 4 years. “It is a great honor to work with the extremely creative and talented TotaLand team.” Michele collaborates with the TotaLand team to optimize marketing campaigns and lead nurturing processes through direct email, social channels, NAPE events, webinars, blog posts, and newsletters. Within the marketing process, Michele implements in-depth research, encouragement, and even a bit of humor. Michele’s research-intensive focus encourages areas of unique application in development and execution of promotional marketing campaigns. She focuses on building campaigns to highlight TotaLand’s strengths for clients, SEO, content strategy, and identifying new or trending opportunities.

With Michele’s strategic, analytical, marketing initiatives, she is passionate about developing a deep understanding of engaging clients and potential clients across multiple channels and mediums. Combining talents in writing and technology, Michele has published articles in several local and national newspapers and magazines in addition to blogs and websites. Over the years, Michele helped market and roll-out early hand-held/PDA software distributed by Apple such as PowerForms™, FilePad™, and Hippocates™. She has also been instrumental in marketing for leading medical practice management solutions for Apple such as MediMac™, DentalMac™, and ChiroMac™